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Foundation Background

The Bali Raditya Adikara Foundation (Bara Foundation) is a non-profit organization which has been Established in mid-2020, this foundation is aimed at social activities and all aspects of cultural preservations.

Initially this foundation was built by fraternal interaction in Prapen Wesi Aji which was named by the members as Pasemetonan Asungulun. Prapen Wesi Aji is a place for forging creating a traditional weapon named “keris” that grows and develops based on the spirit of devotion to keep the relationship in social life.

Prapen Wesi Aji is not only a place for hammering metal into heirloom kris, but also a place for forging oneself into true souls. As a non-profit organization, Bara Foundation invites with volunteers, donors funding in providing the facilities and infrastructure to realize its programs

Vision And Mission


Creating a community in Bali who understands the philosophy and spirit of its culture and implement it based on the nowadays era.


  • Build a sense of concern for others and the environment as a practice of Tri Hita Karana
  • Preserving Balinese Culture through restoration and documentation activities.
  • Developing Balinese culture through documentation and literacy activities.
  • Build a smart cultural community that respects diversity through seminars, discussions and trainings.
  • Build creative cultural community through prosperous business activities.
Bara Foundation

Foundation Principle

Bara Foundation only stands for the humanity, not for the interests of certain political groups. The foundation’s programs and activities focus on this spirit.

Bara Foundation is supported by various races, ethnicities, and religions, locals or foreigners. Everyone is connected.

The Bara Foundation invites the public to know all the programs and invites them to be involved in the success of the foundation’s programs and activities as well as controlling them according to applicable regulations