Our Work

Short Term

  1. Spraying disinfectants to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. Delivering Food Packages to Highly Affected Residents by Covid-19
  3. Providing tools and distributing them to victims of natural disasters, orphans and the poverty
  4. Restoring the “keris” heirloom
  5. Presenting and providing “keris” for temples
  6. Educational Books Preparation
  7. Cultural documentation
  8. 1,000 bio pores declaration

Medium Term

  1. Provide supports and distribute them to natural disasters victims, orphans and the proverty
  2. Performing restoration “keris”
  3. Presenting “keris” for temples
  4. 1,000 bio pores declaration
  5. Organizing English classes, business classes, international culture visitation, digital marketing seminars and career days for underdeveloped villages.

Long Term

  1. Provide assistance and distribute assistance to victims of natural disasters, orphans and the needy
  2. Performing restoration (keris)
  3. Delivering “keris” for temples
  4. 10,000 bio pores declaration
  5. Providing legal assistance both inside and outside the court
  6. Establishing a place for spiritual and mental formation
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